Forum: Ruby on Rails rails on fedora core 4?

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stephen karsch (Guest)
on 2005-12-12 19:43
(Received via mailing list)
i installed rails 0.14.4 on an FC4 box but when i go to generate my
scaffold, i get this:

[root@localhost siteman]# ruby script/generate scaffold Pages
      exists  app/controllers/
      exists  app/helpers/
      exists  app/views/pages
      exists  test/functional/
  dependency  model
      exists    app/models/
      exists    test/unit/
      exists    test/fixtures/
   identical    app/models/pages.rb
   identical    test/unit/pages_test.rb
   identical    test/fixtures/pages.yml
You have a nil object when you didn't expect it!
You might have expected an instance of Array.
The error occured while evaluating nil.[]

I have this app running on a windows box, and if i move the code over to
my FC 4 box and try to access it (through webrick), i get a similar
message in the browser.
i've followed the instructions for rails installation from the wiki, not
sure what i'm missing here.
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