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Iago A. (Guest)
on 2013-05-14 08:09
Hi guys, I want to go USA for work in IT.
I have knowledge in programming and I work a lot, how is live in Silicon
Valley to work?
I need a university to enter a good "start up"(like a Facebook, Google,
Apple in your begin) or new entrepreneurs dont matter live in Valley
don't matter for university, because I learn all of my interesting on
the internet and I had certificates in Technology Entrepreneurship on
Stanford and other.
I Learned my english on the web and improve this knowledge and skills in
Maybe I can study here in Brazil and go to USA for more years or gonna
without bachelor certificate to my "Adventures Time"?
I have great ideas and great works finished, just I need a real vision
to do work and got work to realize my dream: A real life in USA with my
bussiness for change something.

Help me, and say: How it works?
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