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charan (Guest)
on 2009-06-06 12:34
(Received via mailing list)

am using acts_as_tree and yui to generate tree structure,
as per the DB is consern for acts_as_tree,the parent and child nodes
are from one table..

i have two different table like

region table
pk     name
1      hyderabad
2      chennai
3      bangalore

area tabel
id     name          fk
1      madhapur      1
2      hi-tech       1
3      kondapur      1
4      adayar        2
5      ECR road      2
6      anna nagar    2
7      whitefiled    3
8      MGM           3

so i need name in region table as root node and the respective fk
names in area table as child nodes(i dont need subchild node )..

how can i use acts_as_tree for this table,are is there an alternative
to do this
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