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Ivan P. (Guest)
on 2009-06-01 03:29
(Received via mailing list)
I've just pushed IronRuby MVC and sent the pull request. AFAICT it
bind to Rails ORM/s now at least it creates the necessary objects
hashes to do so).
I'm going to be sprinting to get my last chapter done this month and get
kick-ass introduction to ironruby slide deck together and after that I'm
starting a project in Silverlight with IronRuby for a commercial
 That means I won't be able to spend much time on that framework for the
next 2-3 months until we start building our back-end.

I hope now that the project is fairly done somebody from the community
finish it off because:

* I've only verifyfied that the viewresults are working, so some
FileResult etc will probably still need some attention.
* There are virtually no specs and/or working specs. I will extend
caricature to have a good working mocking implementation for aspnet mvc
I can't override indexers so I'll create mock classes in C# to override
* I haven't tested all the cases for snake, camel casing
but on most places it works.
* it could use some API documentation :)
* More samples are needed

those are just a few items from the top of my head that will still
some work.

Some other things:
* teach ironruby mvc about the gems on the server so you could use those
they were installed.
* Provide a way to freeze gems and load them from within the ironruby

Met vriendelijke groeten - Best regards - Salutations
Ivan Porto C.
Author of IronRuby in Action (
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