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Rick F. (Guest)
on 2009-05-21 00:22
Hi All,

I have some ROR code that I am considering for use with jruby...I am now
making this consideration for what appears to be an easier deployment
model etc and more robust request handling.

I'd love any feedback to the following:

1. As far as stability how is Jruby? Is it production ready?

2. Glassfish versus Tomcat etc. What is the best deployment scenario. If
you use glassfish do you need a more industrial web server in from of it
like Apache? Does the reverse proxy model still apply (like lighty or
whatever in front of mongrel with traditional ROR)?

3. Debugging? Is it any easier since it runs within the JVM versus
traditional ROR debugging?

4. Cross-platform? Yeah I know what the box says, "write once, run
everywhere", but how does it seem? Predictable? Comparable on multiple

5. I am running rails 2.1.1 with a variety of gems(mostly run of the
mill) should all this port over fine?

6. If I understand correctly glass fish can service multiple requests
versus a single request at a time like mongrel. Is this true? If so,
does this perform well?

7. Any happy stories or things to consider would be greatly appreciated.

Any recommended places of reading to figure this out?

Rick F. (Guest)
on 2009-05-30 17:34
Hi all,

I could really use some opinions of people using jruby...

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