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Ivo D. (Guest)
on 2009-05-15 20:45
(Received via mailing list)
Hello all

rSquery aims to reduce the difficulties involved in writing selenium
tests in cucumber environments for webapps that use jQuery.

The project contains several methods to help you with writing
javascript commands for selenium and javascript based tests for
cucumber or even rSpec.

It makes it possible to write stuff like (in jQuery enabled webapp):

- jquery("#content").wait_for_visible
- jquery("#dialog button:contains(Ok)").click
- jquery.wait_for_text("User saved...")
- jquery.wait_for_element(".some_element")
- jquery("#dialog div").text.should have_text(/some_text/)
- jquery("#dialog").find(".warning")
- jquery("#dialog").html.should have_tag("button", "Ok")
- jquery("#dialog").should be_visible
- jquery("#dialog") # page must have an element with id 'dialog'

The project is at

Ivo D.
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