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Sijo k. (Guest)
on 2009-05-15 08:41
  In my application config/deploy.rb I have

set :stages, %w(dev testing)
set :default_stage, "dev"

require 'capistrano/ext/multistage'

after "deploy", "deploy:migrate"

   Now in config/deply/dev.rb
role :app, ""
role :db, "", :primary => true

   And all the cap deploy:setup, deploy:update work properly

But when I do cap deploy all svn check out etc works but finally get

 * executing "cd
/var/www/railsapps/account_service/releases/20090515040757; rake
RAILS_ENV=dev  db:migrate"
    servers: [""]
    [] executing command
*** [err ::] rake aborted!
failed: "sh -c \"cd
/var/www/railsapps/application/releases/20090515040757; rake
RAILS_ENV=dev  db:migrate\"" on

          Is it because RAILS_ENV=dev ? If so how can I make it

Thanks in advance
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