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Chirag S. (Guest)
on 2009-05-12 14:22

I get an unexpected error because i havent do any chnages in any
javascript files, after installing active scaffold. Before 1-2 days my
application is working fine but from yesterday i got the error for RJS
as below while i tried for show action.

RJS error:
TypeError: $("#console__private_messages-messages") is null

$("#console__private_messages-messages").html("\n  \n\n  \n\n  \n\n");

And while i tried to remove the record then i got error as per below..

RJS error:
TypeError: $("#console__complaints-list-27-row") is null

$("#console__complaints-messages").html("\n  \n\n  \n\n  \n\n");

There is no errors in the log.  Any Suggestions?
Need more info?

Chirag Shah
Software Engineer
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