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Thangappan M. (Guest)
on 2009-05-11 12:42
I am new to Ruby.
Is there any way to include the module in normal ruby file?

For an example,


Class Test.rb


object = # It tells error.
Brian C. (Guest)
on 2009-05-11 13:09
Thangappan Mohana sundaram wrote:
> I am new to Ruby.
> Is there any way to include the module in normal ruby file?
> For an example,
> Test.rb
> Class Test.rb
>       ........
> end
> testing.rb

require 'Test'

> object = # It tells error.

Note that Test.rb should say 'class' not 'Class'

Also, it doesn't really matter what filename you use, but there is a
common convention that the name of the source file is the lowercased,
underscored version of the class name. So conventionally you would call
your file 'test.rb'. For a file containing class MyTestClass you would
call it my_test_class.rb


Ben L. (Guest)
on 2009-05-11 13:11
(Received via mailing list)
On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 9:42 AM, Thangappan Mohana sundaram <
removed_email_address@domain.invalid> wrote:

> end
> testing.rb
> object = # It tells error.

In your testing.rb add a require like so:

require "Test"

at the top of the file.

Stefano C. (Guest)
on 2009-05-11 13:13
(Received via mailing list)
On Monday 11 May 2009, Thangappan Mohana sundaram wrote:
> |
> |testing.rb
> |
> |object = # It tells error.


require 'Test'

to testing.rb before calling (assuming that Test.rb and
are in the same directory and that you run ruby from that directory).
notice that:
1) you should write class Test, not class Test.rb (note the downcase c
class and the absence of the .rb from Test). Class names have nothing in
common with file names
2) file names are (I think) case senstive in ruby, so if you call your
Test.rb you'll need to require 'Test'; if you call it test.rb you'll
need to
require 'test'. If you're on windows, which is not a case sensitive OS,
may be used to a different behaviour (actually, I'm not completely sure
of how
this behaves on windows, as I've never used ruby on it)
3) modules in ruby are something entirely different (see the
documentation for
the Module class either at or using ri:
ri Module.

For more information you can look at the documentation for the require
of module Kernel, either at or using ri:
Kernel#require. You may also find useful reading the free online version
the Pickaxe book ( it's a
outdated, but it should be useful all the same.

I hope this helps

Jessica T. (Guest)
on 2010-02-08 19:19
Sort of similar type problem to what is already posted here.

I'm two months into Ruby and I can write single file code that purely
functions from the command line and separate ones that function in
conjunction with SketchUp.  I would like to maximize the
compartmentalization of modules but am getting stuck.

My understanding is that files that are called with require need to be
in the path given when ruby -e 'puts $:' is typed at the command line.
So, I have a driver file in the pluggins directory in SketchUp in which
I require 'a_file' but I get a file not found error.

Error: #<LoadError: No such file to load -- abc>
C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp 7\Plugins\test.rb:1:in `require'
C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp 7\Plugins\test.rb:1

Why isn't the driver program seeing my module file?  The module file
(Abc.rb) is in the C:/Ruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby directory.  The driver
file (test.rb) calls the module on the first line with require 'abc'
which generates the error.

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