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Tomas M. (Guest)
on 2009-05-08 03:14
(Received via mailing list)
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tfpt review "/shelveset:EncodingsA1;REDMOND\tomat"
  Comment  :
  Implements IsAscii() on MutableString - the bit is calculated along
with hashcode and invalidated each time a mutable operation is
  Enables combination of mutable strings with different
encodings/KCoding. If a string is k-coded it should be treated as byte
array for all operations since 1.8 doesn't tag the strings with
encodings. Hence any k-coded strings can be combined regardless of their
actual encodings. 1.9-encoded strings must have the same encoding or one
of them must have all characters in range 0..127 (IsAscii == true) - MRI
1.9 allows combination of such strings.

  -  "IronRuby ignores RUBYLIB environment variable"
  -  Encoding wasn't flowing correctly in eval (test Encoding4)
  -  Improves performance of String#*.
  -  MutableString.Content.GetCapacity was wrong.

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