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Sergio T. R. (Guest)
on 2009-05-06 23:38
for some reason, i am having the hardest time with the simplest possible
use of a visual effect..

i have done this a million times, and this is first time i have had this
much trouble.

here's what i am trying to do:

1. set up a div with a link_to_remote that references its containing div
2. once some backend processing is done, the generated javascript will
remove the div[2].

everything works fine.. the action gets fired off.. everything that
needs to happen happens.


the div does not PUFF go away..

any help would be appreciated..



| <% dom_id =  "desc_entry_#{}" -%>
| <div id="<%= dom_id %> "  ><%= @desc.desc_type  %>:
|   <%= text_field_tag "description[#{@desc.field_desc}]" %>
|   <%=link_to_remote "remove", :url => {:action => "remove_item", :desc_id =>}, 
:complete => visual_effect(:puff, dom_id, :duration => 0.5 ) %>
| </div>


| <div id="desc_entry_2 "  >Short Description:
|   <input id="description_desc_short" name="description[desc_short]" type="text" />
|   <a href="#" onclick="new Ajax.Request('/admin/remove_item?desc_id=2', 
{asynchronous:true, evalScripts
| :true, onComplete:function(request){new 
| });}, parameters:'authenticity_token=' + 
| )}); return false;">remove</a>
| </div>
Tom Z Meinlschmidt (Guest)
on 2009-05-07 03:42
(Received via mailing list)
try to:

1. change async mode of ajax to synchronous (to asynchronous:false)


2. fire visual_effect from controller (instead of js) via
render :update do |page|
   page.visual_effect :puff,'dom_id'


Sergio R. wrote:
> 2. once some backend processing is done, the generated javascript will
> | </div>
> | )}); return false;">remove</a>
> | </div>
> `----

Tomas Meinlschmidt, MS {MCT, MCP+I, MCSE, AER}, NetApp Filer/NetCache
Sergio T. R. (Guest)
on 2009-05-07 18:13
hmm.. for some reason, neither of these work...

this is really perplexing me..
Sergio T. R. (Guest)
on 2009-05-07 18:23
okay, i found it.. i am stupid..

there is a space in the div  name..

<div id="desc_entry_2 "  >

i removed the space, and it works fine..

i suck..
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