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Sergio F. (Guest)
on 2009-05-06 15:04
Hello !

 After some time learning and making tests on rails, I have found my
test applications very ugly, I had tried to modify css and html, but
it's very looong and not interesting work. I seek for looking good
template, with a nice color schema, css, and other things.  I mean
tamplates must be looking very good like this websites

 I had used css framework emastik, yes, it's wonderful css framework but
have no colors, I want to found css framework which have colors for
quote, code, links, and so on,  it's all must be looking very good, as
really good design. That will help me to love learning process much more

  Main reason for seeking this templates it is my learning step is ajax
now, and it will be rally restfull with templates =)

Thanks for any advices.
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