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Gastón R. (Guest)
on 2009-05-05 23:29
(Received via mailing list)
Hi all, I'm trying to get a Facebook Desktop Session with facebooker
and rails 2.3.2
I'm trying this in the console:

>> session = Facebooker::Session::Desktop.create
=> #<Facebooker::Session::Desktop:0xb759d4b0
  @secret_key="123", @uid=nil,
  @api_key="1234", @session_key=nil, @expires=nil,
  @secret_from_session=nil, @batch_request=nil, @auth_token=nil>

>> session.auth_token = "123456"
>> session.secure_with!("45678", uid, 0)

=> nil
>> session.user.friends

Facebooker::Session::IncorrectSignature: Incorrect signature

I get Incorrect signature error, anybody canb help me?

I got the session_key from a debug(@facebook_session) in my controller,
I need to get the session from a script that doesn't run in web browser.

So, the 2 Big questions are:

1- How can I create a Desktop User Session with facebooker from irb or
from a
script with the email and the password of the user?

2- How can I get a Desktop User Session with facebooker from user
session id?

I'm working on a web service, so didn't run under a web browser


Ruby 1.8.6#114
Rails 2.3.2
Facebooker 1.0.31

Thanks in advance.
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Gastón Ramos
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