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Tam K. (Guest)
on 2009-05-05 09:40

I'm using Rail 2.3.2 and I want to include time zones with my
application by putting:
  config.time_zone = "Pacific Time (US & Canada)"

in my environment.rb.

This works fine on my Mac development machine but I move to production
it gets messed up...For instance I have a condition as follows:
:conditions => ['(effective_end_date IS NULL OR effective_end_date > ?)
                                 AND (effective_start_date IS NULL OR
effective_start_date < ?) ',,]

Which works fine on development as mentioned earlier by looking at
queries but on production I got something like this

SELECT * FROM `sms_messages` WHERE (`sms_messages`.user_id = 1 AND
(created_at > '2009-04-05 05:18:23' and status != 'SCHEDULED_MESSAGE'))
AND (((effective_end_date IS NULL OR effect
ive_end_date > '2009-05-03 03:19:57')
 AND (effective_start_date IS NULL OR effective_start_date < '2009-05-03
03:19:57') ) AND (`sms_messages`.user_id = 1)) ORDER BY created_at DESC

But when I try to fetch time form IRB:

=> Mon May 04 22:24:27 -0700 2009
=> Tue May 05 05:24:34 UTC 2009

Which seems correct!!!! It's like as if instead of adding 7 hours to get
the UTC time it negates 7 hours from the current time!

Not sure if I have to do extra setting for production machine.

Any ideas how to go about finding what the problem is?


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