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mayur sarode (Guest)
on 2009-04-30 12:49
(Received via mailing list)
Hello friends ,I have found the sloution to th problem i was facing
while going through a postIn the porgram change the line
inthe code as shown belowtr = usrp.tune(self.subdev.which, self.subdev,
targetfreq)...which is now:tr = usrp.tune(self.subdev.which(),
self.subdev, targetfreq) It is working for me fine nowRegards,MayurI
want to send some mp3 files via FM using USRPI am getting the following
TX d'board B: Basic TxTraceback (most recent call last):File
"./", line 182, in wfmtx()File "./", line 115, in
initif not self.setfreq(options.freq):File "./", line 172, in
setfreqr = self.u.tune(self.subdev.which, self.subdev,
targetfreq)AttributeError: 'dbbasesptr' object has no
  attribute 'which'Can anyone help me out The code is being used from
the cvs repository found at
a lotMayurDear discuss! Get Yourself a cool, short Email ID now!
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