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soldier.coder (Guest)
on 2009-04-27 15:06
(Received via mailing list)
I have the following tables: courses, students, and rosters.  The
rosters table references the courses and students tables.  With
default routes in place, to list the students in a course I would use:

but this lists the rosters for all courses.

if I use http://localhost:3000/rosters/list/1

rails looks in the rosters table for entry with the id =1.  How do I
tell it I want all the entries where course_id = 1?
Ar C. (Guest)
on 2009-04-27 21:21
With default routing in place, it would seem to me to be something on
the order of the following, given courses, students, and rosters:

   has_many rosters
   has_many students through rosters

  has_many rosters
  has_many courses through rosters

  belongs_to course
  belongs_to student

You need to pass the course_id to the roster in a param, like:


which would allow a roster to determine which course it was for, and
retrieve all the appropriate students.

def show
   @rosters = Roster.find(:all, :conditions => ['course_id = ?',

There are many other ways to organize and get at this information, such
as a partial for the course 'show' form, like
'_course_students.html.erb', which could just loop through the
@course.students collection to display the list of students.
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