Forum: Rails deployment Monitoring daemon in monitrc

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Neil C. (Guest)
on 2009-04-27 14:47
Would anyone know which is the correct start / stop monitrc
configuration for a daemon running on the 'daemons' gem (as seen in the
Custom Daemons Railscast)?

check process reminder_mailer
  with pidfile /var/www/notipal/current/log/
# Option 1
  start program = "/var/www/notipal/shared/scripts/
  stop program = "/var/www/notipal/shared/scripts/ stop"
# Option 2
  #start program = "/var/www/notipal/current/lib/daemons/mailer_ctl
  #stop program = "/var/www/notipal/current/lib/daemons/mailer_ctl stop"
  if totalmem is greater than 120 MB for 2 cycles then restart

The Railscast suggests it's the mailer_ctl, but the last dev on this app

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