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MaggotChild (Guest)
on 2009-04-27 03:58
(Received via mailing list)
I have a child relationship that is denormalized. I want to normalize
it at the object level once it's retrieved:

class Parent
  has_many :denormalized_children,  :class_name=>'Child'

  def children
    if @normalized_children.nil?
       @normalized_children = []
       denormalized_children.group_by(&:number).each { |c|
            @normalized_children <<

This works fine, but I don't want to eager load them
as :denormalized_children. I'd like to use :children. So I tried:

class Parent
  has_many :children

  alias :denormalized_children :children
  def children
  #Same definition

AR doesn't like this as it expects the children prop to return
something that responds to loaded.

has_many :children, :group=>'number'

doesnt work either since it discards all but  N unique numbers. So if
I have 10 with number 1 and 5 with number 2 I'll only get back 2

Is there any way to do this without having to change the name of the

I can't use after_load  (or whatever it's called) in the Child class
since the children need to be grouped by their relationship to their

Any suggestions would be great.

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