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amagonagle (Guest)
on 2009-04-23 02:27
(Received via mailing list)
I need to design a small app for a print publication that mails
monthly. It is my first project and I am having trouble getting
started. The app would consist of a form that would be updated by the
client for each month the publication runs. The forms would also be
updated periodically and not at one time so I would like to set up
some minimal authentication in order to update the checklist.

The form needs to have the following info captured:

1) Checkboxes with a description next to it (there are 9 in total);
2) A comment area below the checkbox
3) A "Sent by:"/"Date:" and "Received by:"/"Date:" fields
4) 2 "Approved at:"/"Date:" fields at the bottom of the form

So essentially it would look like this:

[  ] 1. The thumbnail has been sent with all pages listed...
           Sent by:                        Date:
           Received by:                Date:

[  ] 2. The imposition sheet has been completed...
           Sent by:                        Date:
           Received by:                Date:


Approved at:                          Date:

Approved at:                          Date:


What I am thinking is there would be one form that would be reused for
each month? There would be a table with all 12 month already in it
that you can view and update the checklist from. If anyone can point
me in a direction it would be greatly appreciated. Also, let me know
if I need to clarify anything. Thanks in advance!
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