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Bharat R. (Guest)
on 2009-04-20 18:43
I need to get the current_user id in my model observers:

Here is the code for current_user in the lib/authentication.rb file:

module Authentication
  def self.included(controller)
    controller.send :helper_method, :current_user, :logged_in?,
:has_role?, :is_admin?

  def current_user
    @current_user ||= User.find(session[:user_id]) if session[:user_id]

Here is the propsect_observer.rb file in models directory which needs

class ProspectObserver < ActiveRecord::Observer

  def after_update(prospect)
    prospect.comments.create(:content => @comment_text, :admin_only =>
      :commenter_id => if @comment_text


current_user is not recognized here.  I could include the module in the
observer, but that is bad(?).  Any suggestion on a good alternative?

Thanks for your time.

Bharat R. (Guest)
on 2009-04-20 19:42
Forget it.  Bad design.  I am not pursuing this path anymore.
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