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Erik Ostrom (Guest)
on 2009-04-14 03:39
(Received via mailing list)
Hi. I'm checking out Typo, with an eye to switching my WordPress blog
from it. It's neat that there's a WordPress converter, but it doesn't
to go as far as it could. The first three issues I've found:

   - It didn't honor the 'more' line in my WordPress posts, although it
   copy the 'more' line over. If I go to each post's edit page and then
save it
   without making any edits, the 'more' line takes effect.
   - It copied all my spam comments over from WordPress, but didn't mark
   them as spam in Typo. That's how I got 304 comments on a pretty
   - When I went to look at the post with 304 comments, it took long
   that I opted to shut down the server instead. It's not surprising
that 304
   comments would take a long time, but it turns out generating HTML for
   one comment takes roughly 30 seconds. It was a long comment, but

I'd be happy to try to help fix any or all of these - I think I have a
on the first two problems already. I wanted to get some guidance on a

   - It seems the slow part of rendering those comments is BlueCloth.
   I don't think these comments are even in Markdown (the legit ones or
   spam). It looks like the default in WordPress is "HTML plus
   blank-lines-indicate-paragraphs". Should I just set the filter for
   comments to something else? (If so, what?)
   - Is BlueCloth really this slow? I noticed that last week marked the
   release of BlueCloth 2, which speeds things up dramatically by using
   Discount (written in C). Is there any interest in updating Typo to
   this new version?
   - There don't seem to be any tests for the converters, and I intend
   uphold that tradition. I also don't plan to get my hands on a
WordPress 2.5
   database; I'm using 2.6. Should I just copy the wp25 converter to
wp26, make
   it work for me, and leave wp25 alone?

--Erik Ostrom
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