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Rob R. (Guest)
on 2009-04-11 09:43
I have a schema for ~15 tables in MySQL.  I need to migrate it to Oracle
though I've never used Oracle before.  I see that Oracle doesn't have an
auto_increment built in.  One must create a trigger table for each
auto_incrementing id.  I'm contemplating translating my MySQL schema
into a Ruby migration script.

Do you know if Ruby migrations will generate enough SQL to implement
these features seemlessly:
1) auto increment id column
2) foreign key constraints
3) partition tables (by range on to_days())
4) specify data column sizes (e.g. in SQL I can say varchar(10)) but in
my limited migrations exposure, it looks like the same column would be
described simply as string.

I'd consider porting to migrations if it bought me a free translation to
Oracle SQL, including the triggers for auto increment, even if I had to
hand tune the result a bit.  Otherwise I may wait and use migrations at
a later date.
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