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Ruby S. (Guest)
on 2009-04-10 06:06
(Received via mailing list)
Hello team,
I need recommendations on what to use to accomplish the following with a
Ruby program.
Today, I do the following by hand:

   2. Click bottom "Certified Pre_Owned" which takes me to:
   3. Next I click "Model Search" taking me to:
   4. I then select "Body Styles", "Series" and fill in some number, as
   shown below:

Price Limit    No Limit  $15,000-$25,000  $20,000-$30,000
$30,000-$40,000  $35,000-$45,000  $40,000-$50,000  $45,000-$100,000
Transmission    Either  Automatic  Manual
Zip Code
Distance    No Limit  10 Miles  25 Miles  50 Miles  100 Miles  150 Miles
Miles  500 Miles

I then get back a list which looks like the following partial list
Please notice that the search returned 350 vehicles. Sometime it can
double that amount.
I am only interested in a model 328i or 335i 2007. I would like to
one of these vehicles, but I am watching for the "right" price. I just
want to be browsing everyday and filtering through the list by hand.
Please also notice that I would like to enter the parameters listed

Also, I could actually do a "global" search without entering any
data. In other words, I could click search without selecting body type
anything like that, but the returned data could be large. Then again a
program would go though the returned data rather quickly. So I guess I
do it that way if the programming part is easier than entering
parameters. I
would like to learn both ways, though!

For instance, I did it before writing this to test it and I got;
13508 vehicles found. To view details about a specific vehicle, click
model name.

What tool should I use to accomplish this task?

Thank you

 Search Results
350 vehicles found. To view details about a specific vehicle, click the
model name.
Model Year Gearbox Miles Color Price Center / City /State Distance
2006 Automatic 20,845 Titanium Silver Metallic $32,995.00 Hassel BMW
Freeport, NY 20.95 Miles 330Ci
2006 Automatic 26,208 Sparkling Graphite Metallic $32,995.00 Hassel BMW
Freeport, NY 20.95 Miles 328i
2007 Automatic 16,360 Monaco Blue Metallic $37,995.00 Hassel BMW
Freeport, NY 20.95 Miles
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