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Vaibhav D. (Guest)
on 2009-04-09 12:45
I want to use the calender control in my application like what i added
in the attachment file for, from date and to date it should display
records but i unable to attach it in ruby on rails application well its
working fine in Dot Net too...
I want to show the records between first and the second textbox field
date entries i am going to use the code


@date2ss = Date2.find(:all, :conditions => "ID > '"+ @date1 +"' and ID
<'"+ @date2+"'")

1>how i validate the calender date fields in the text boxes?
2>how i use the calender control in ruby on rails application?
( that on click of that control it display the calender and on
selecting the date should be display in the respected text box...)
thanks in advance,
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