Forum: Ruby on Rails [ANN] assert2 0.4.7 improves assert_xhtml diagnostics

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Phlip (Guest)
on 2009-04-03 18:23
(Received via mailing list)

Here's an assert_select test:

   def test_form
     assert_renders form_content do
       assert_select "form[action=/forms/]"
       assert_select "form input[type=text][name=name]"
       assert_select "form input[type=text][name=email]"
       assert_select "form input[type=text][name=subject]"

The equivalent assert_xhtml is...

   assert_xhtml do
     form :action => /forms/ do  #  a regexp
       input :type => :text, :name => :name
       input :type => :text, :name => :email
       input :type => :text, :name => :subject

There's more Ruby and less strings because assert_xhtml uses
Nokogiri::HTML::Builder. Any example of HTML you can build, it will
match in
your @response.body.

If it can't match, it will report the example HTML it was seeking, and
the first
region of your code that matches the first element in your match. So the
diagnostic for that example would report the <form
so you can compare its contents.

Get it with gem install nokogiri assert2, and require 'assert2/xhtml'

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