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Nick H. (Guest)
on 2009-04-02 18:06
I am attempting to parse mutiple rss feed url's which are pulled from a
database, to parse the feeds im using simple rss.

so eg an active record query such as  rssfeed = Rssfeed.find(:all)

This probalay needs to be more refined such as just grabbing the
feed_url rather than all the attributes but anyway this grabs on the rss
feed urls.

for each of the urls i have stored in rssfeed variable i want them to
loop through each one parsing it and storing it so i can display them in
a view.

this is the process for parsing the feed

SimpleRSS.parse open(rssfeed.feed_url)

Now ive attemtped placing it inside for loops and for each do etc had no

Has anyone got any suggestions on how this can be looped through and


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