Forum: Ruby on Rails create an apllication inside facebook using rfacebook.

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Tushar G. (Guest)
on 2009-04-01 17:11
I want to create an application inside facebook using rfacebook plugin.
I have an experience of developing an external application which is
interacting with the facebook and retrieving an information from it.

I have following question:-
1) Is there is any difference while creating a developer account in
2) Can I give the callback url to http://localhost:3000/?
3) Suppose I have one link in my application like this:-
   <a href="edit">Edit Info</a>
Whenever I will click onto this link it should be redirected to my
application but it should be rendered inside the facebook.
For this, Is it require some more setting during creating the developer

I went through this link.

Is that only we want to do during developing an application inside
Will it handle my all redirection and render view in facebook itself?

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