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Jim D. (Guest)
on 2009-03-27 23:31
(Received via mailing list)
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FYI code review. Already reviewed by Jimmy

tfpt review "/shelveset:gitpull2;REDMOND\jdeville"
  Comment  :
  *     modify .gitignore to ignore Bin in addition to bin
  *                 Adds ClrAssembly to Ruby.sln
  *     add dlr_config to IronRuby object
  *     csc describe handles shared specs (multiple arguments) and we
now emit #line pragmas instead of comments
  *     adding some generic tests and fixing tags, also make
default.mspec load ir.exe instead of ir.cmd
  *     adding some constrained generic specs
  *     added generic error messages specs. Fixed tag locations
  *     split pragma warning to make sure I do not disable unintended
warnings. Refactor conflicting methods
  *     added class param and conflicting type param specs
  *     adding specs for ruby classes with type constraints and for a
secondary (base class) type constraint)
  *     array conversion specs
  *     array instantiation specs
  *     redid IronRuby.dlr_config after Tomas' IronRuby changes
  *     adding a default conversion spec and a little bit of refactoring
  *     more array tests
  *     spec for a static method caching bug i found
  *     spec method overriding maintains .NET supermethod
  *     refactor to add some metaclass helpers
  *     class instantiation specs
  *     some more class instantiation specs
  *     sealed class instantiation specs
  *     generic instantiation specs
  *     make GenericClass have a method so it isn't EmptyGenericClass
  *     more generic instantiation specs
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