Forum: Ruby Help on down_load_time function

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Sandeep G. (Guest)
on 2009-03-26 07:43

I needed help on down_load_time function as i was trying to automate my
performance test cases.

This function gives the time taken to download after a click to a
button/link etc.

to me everything was going fine unless and until i came across the
confirmation pop-ups.
In that case if i'm using this function after the button click (for
which the pop up comes)it gives me time for that particular click only.
and if i use this function after popup clicker, it gives me time for pop
up click only.
whereas i need time for the page to get downloaded once button on pop up
is clicked.

i searched a lot but didn't found any help for down_load_time function.
Please help....!!!!!
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