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Kapil (Guest)
on 2009-03-18 12:47
(Received via mailing list)
Workshop : Meta programming with ruby - Part 2
Presenter : Sur
Level : Basic / Intermediate
Prerequisite : Basic Knowledge of object oriented programming.

Detail : This will be second part of Metaprogramming session with Sur
which started in previous meetup. We'll be looking at some advanced
hacks this time.

Workshop : Using SCRUM for task management
Speaker : Dhiraj Kalra
Level : Basic/Intermediate

If you are looking for sessions on some specific area, please let us
know. Home page of our community is at

For any updates related to this event, you can check our secondary
communication channel a.k.a twitter account at

And , don't forget to RSVP for this March event. In case you are not
sure about how to do this -
Kapil (Guest)
on 2009-03-18 12:48
(Received via mailing list)
oops the home page is
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