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Vivek P. (Guest)
on 2009-03-16 20:06
(Received via mailing list)
GlassFish gem ver 0.9.3 <> is out!

It has many new features, improvements and bug fixes. Below are
For details, see this

* Support for daemon mode (only linux and Solaris)
* Logging improvements. Direct the log to a file using -P option.
  level using --log-level option
* Support for config file, glassfish.yml. Try gfrake config and use it
  template. Also see --config option. Now you can provide the JVM
  properties for GlassFish in daemon mode inside glassfish.yml.
* GlassFish Rake command: gfrake. Create a config file and do the
  of temporary files created by GlassFish. See, gfrake -T
* Support for Sinatra and framework auto-detection
* Improved server busy handling. During app load new requests give 503
  "Server busy loading...." page instead of 404.

Bugs fixed

23719[1]    When starting app, gf shows the index.html page which it
23721[2]    starting gf requires sudo
23723[3]    Support Daemon mode

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