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Dbek B. (Guest)
on 2009-03-16 15:24
(Received via mailing list)
I am past the saturation issue, but my question is, i can only send and
receive a sinusoidal flawlessly when i do 100 interpolation and 100
decimation. If I go less than that, why is my signal deformed (4 int 4
for example) . Also (according to the datasheet) Why do we need to make
least 4 int. and 4 decimation in USRP2? So please tell me some details
it. I know what interpolation and decimation, but cannot apply here?
too less decimation (like 8) cause some overflow?

So to summarize, can you please tell me the role of interpolation and
decimation here and its critical values if any) and why there are these
critical values.

If I go like 4 interpolation and 40 decimation, the signal gets
which I can understand, but why gaps between signal bursts? Also if I
the signal under 100 decimation rate at the usrp2 receiver but also
the interpolation rate (20 int 20 dec) my computer gets all blue and
stop the process (the graphic flows but the buttons on the graphic don´t


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