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David C. (Guest)
on 2009-03-15 21:26
(Received via mailing list)
rspec version 1.2.0 has been released!

Behaviour Driven Development for Ruby.


### Version 1.2.0


  * If you use the ruby command to run specs instead of the spec
command, you'll
    need to require 'spec/autorun' or they won't run. This won't affect
you if
    you use the spec command or the Spec::Rake::SpecTask that ships with

  * require 'spec/test/unit' to invoke test/unit interop if you're using
    RSpec's core (this is handled implicitly with spec-rails)

  * setup and teardown are gone - use before and after instead

    * you can still use setup and teardown if you're using
      Test::Unit::TestCase as the base ExampleGroup class (which is
      in rspec-rails)

  * The matcher protocol has been improved. The old protocol is still
    supported, so as long as you're not monkey patching rspec's built-in
    matchers, or using extension libraries that do, this should not
    you. If you run into trouble, you'll just need to change:

    * failure_message          => failure_message_for_should
    * negative_failure_message => failure_message_for_should_not

  * All references to rubygems have been removed from within rspec's

    * See for rationale and suggestions on
      alternative approaches to loading rubygems

* deprecations

  * BaseTextFormatter#colourize - use colorize_failure instead.
  * BaseTextFormatter#magenta - use red instead.

* enhancements

  * cleaner integration with with heckle-1.4.2
  * allow registering example groups with a path-like key (Pat M.)
  * start DRb service at "druby://localhost:0" (Hongli L.) - See
  * consistent reporting of errors as failures
  * added spec/test/unit as more intuitive path to loading test/unit
interop lib
  * added explicit autorun feature for running specs with ruby command
  * added handling for does_not_match? for matchers that want to know
the context in which they were called
  * lots of ruby 1.9.1 compatibility fixes from Chad Humprhies
  * improved feedback from
be_kind_of/be_a_kind_of/be_instance_of/be_an_instance_of (Jakub
  * added --format silent (l) option, which is now the default when
running --heckle (Bob A.)
  * sexy new custom matcher creation (Corey H. & David C. -
initial concept by Yehuda K.)
  * improved matcher protocol - old one is still supported, but new
one is cleaner and prefered

* bug fixes

  * support delegating operator matchers to subject with should_not
  * all arguments are included if --drb is specified in spec.opts
(Neil Buckley). Closes #671.
  * added --autospec option hack (used internally) to get --color to
work when using --drb and autospec.
  * Fixed mock framework failure message bug in which similar calls
were excluded from the output
  * cryptic error message on change.rb when the from value is wrong
(Michael Murray). Closes #706.
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