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M. S. (Guest)
on 2009-03-06 14:39
Hi all,

I tried to multiplicate two form fields in a tablerow just to inform the
user and without bothering the server. I'm sure this seems to be a
simple javascript problem, but all I got running was the following

<tr class="<%= cycle('shade1', 'shade2') %> itemtablerow">
<% fields_for "offer[offer_item_attributes][]", itemtablerow do |f| %>
 <td><%= f.text_field        :pos_number,
:size => 2, :index => nil %></td>
 <td><%= f.collection_select :study_id, Study.find(:all), :id,
:index => nil %></td>
 <td><%= f.text_area        :description,
:index => nil %></td>
 <td><%= f.text_field        :amount,     :class => 'amount',    :size
=> 7, :index => nil %></td>
 <td><%= f.text_field        :price,         :class => 'price',
:size => 7, :index => nil %></td>
 <td><%= link_to_function 'product',

How can I multiplicate the 'price' and the 'amount' fields and show the
product "onChange" in the tablerow?

Thanks in advance,
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