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Richard S. (Guest)
on 2009-03-03 10:38
Hi all,

So I scoured the Internet and it's possible I read the answer but didn't
know I was looking at it (because I am beginning programmer) but if
someone could explain this it would be much appreciated. The problem is
I am having trouble finding a UTF-8 term with the find_by_ferret method.

I am using
ruby 1.8.6 (2008-03-03 patchlevel 114) [x86_64-linux]
Rails 2.2.2
ferret (0.11.6)
acts_as_ferret (0.4.3)

In my controller I have @results =
I have a single product called "sony æ•°"
In my model I have acts_as_ferret :fields => { :name => { :store => :yes

I am able to use my Rails app to obtain a successful hit on the index
when :query => "sony" but no luck when :query => "æ•°"

Debug steps:
1. So using ferret-browser, I have confirmed that this document is in
the index and so are the terms "sony" and "æ•°". So I know it's not a
ferret issue. This leaves Rails and acts_as_ferret

2. when I switch my controller to @results =
I am able to find the product so it seems it is not a Rails issue.

3. A bunch of blogs say use $KCODE='u' and require 'jcode' in
environment.rb but they seem to be outdated because it appears that
$KCODE='u' is already hardcoded into initializer.rb and isn't the Chars
class in Rails supposed to wrap String nicely, so that jcode isn't
needed anymore?

4. If the answer lies here
I can't tell what I am supposed to do. They seem like a bunch of
solutions to problems that are not similar to mine.

5. Lastly, it seems like Ruby 1.8.6 recognizes UTF-8 based on following
the examples here
Not sure I understand why I have to use 1.9.

fyi, æ•° is equivalently %E6%95%B0 in UTF-8 and I tried passing :query =>
"%E6%95%B0" and no luck either.

Thank you,
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