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Marc L. (Guest)
on 2009-03-03 07:39
(Received via mailing list)
This is a shot out in the dark, but I figured it's worth a
try...especially in this job market. :)

My friend and I are in the very early planning stages of a startup
that will be politically focused.  We intend to develop tools that
will revolutionize and dominate the next generation of the politics.

I am a developer with nearly 5 years of experience with Ruby & Rails
and 8 years of web development experience.  My partner is a soon-to-be
Stanford Business Grad with experience on Capitol Hill.

We're looking to add at least one more person to our founding team.
The type of people we're especially interested in meeting are:

* Designers with experience designing highly usable and beautiful UIs,
preferably with some expert XHTML & CSS2 skills and experience
integrating their designs with a web templating language of some sort.

* Advanced Rubyists with meta-programming experience.  Familiarity
with advanced Liquid templating, integration with external APIs, and/
or social network building are huge pluses.

We are pre-funding right now and are offering nothing but equity as a
founder.  If that's okay with you and fit one of the above
descriptions somewhat (especially if you're a political junkie),
please contact me.  My g mail screenname = marcslove.
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