Forum: GNU Radio Full duplex on USB connections?

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Yong J. Chang (Guest)
on 2009-03-02 21:51
(Received via mailing list)
Hi all,

Since I'm not familiar with USB architecture, it might seem like stupid
Now I'm receiving some data(called RxData) from USRP and obviously USRP
set as a receiver mode. At the same time, I have a data to be
transmitted(called TxData) which is not related with received data. The
is that I recognize the end of packet from RxData and manually switch
USRP as a transmit mode. After that, I send TxData to USRP.

As I know, USRP is using EP2 and EP6 as OUT and IN port respectively and
each port is half duplex line. Is it mean that I cannot receive data
from USRP and simultaneouly send data into TXFIFO on FPGA?

I just want to reduce delay between end of received packet and start of
transmit some other packet.

If possible, I want to fill the TXFIFO simultaneously during receiving
from USRP and quickly switch USRP to a transmitter.

Is there any suggetions of reducing delay between receiver and

Thanks in advance!
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