Forum: Radiant CMS Using the Audo Extension

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Oren S. (Guest)
on 2009-03-01 22:24
Hi All,

I installed the Audio extension and it seem to work more or less (I
configured the demo page and it does work). I have few issues though
that I need help with:

1. An "Audio" tab was added to the Admin page but when I select it I get
HTTP error 500.

2. My goal is to allow users to add audio to pages and I actually have
two problems with this: first of all, if I have several audio pages in
the site then the r:link tag does not work (it says that only one audio
page is allowed) and besides that, I did not figure out how to add items
to the play list.

So if anyone have some experience with this extension and can help, I'd
appreciate it.

Many thanks,

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