Forum: Ruby on Rails file_column quality problem

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Aldo I. (Guest)
on 2009-02-28 12:26
i usising file_column to upload images in my scaffold.
i setting quality compression images to value 70 for creating various
versions optimized of uploaded image:

example of my code:

file_column :image_url, :magick => { :size => "600x450>", :versions => {
"thumb" => "96x100>", "othumb" => "x80>", "vthumb" => "80x", "big" =>
"600x450>" }, :attributes => { :quality => 75 } }

but it not work very properly: if i upload images of 50 - 100 Kb the
results thumbnail they weigh 3 or 4 Kb, that's ok.....
but if i upload images of 500 Kb - 1 Mb my results thumbnails weigh is
20- 30 Kb.
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