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Gerald B. (Guest)
on 2009-02-25 10:01
(Received via mailing list)

 I uploaded a new slideshow gem version (that is, v0.7.5).

  == What's Slides Show (S9)?

  A Ruby gem that lets you create slide shows and author slides in
plain text using a wiki-style markup language that’s easy-to-write and
easy-to-read. More @

  == What's new?

 I added support for plugins and helpers. Now you can use Embedded
Ruby (ERB) in your slide source e.g.

 h1. Today's Date

 <%= %>

 If you want to use your own helpers put your code in the ./lib folder
(or any subfolders) and your code gets loaded on startup. For now the
built-in helpers include:

 * include     # Let's you include text. e.g.

 <%= include 'help.txt' %>

 * content_for # Lets you add content to your templates from your
source a la Rails

  In your slide source use:

 <% content_for :head do %>

    your content here e.g. more meta tags; javascript includes etc.

 <% end %>

  In your template use:

  <%= content_for :head %>  and it will include the marked content
from your source. Note, you can use :foo, :bar or whatever key you
want instead of :head and also note a la Rails you can use the same
key as many times as you want. The new content just gets added.

  Finally I added support for (private) multi-line comments using
__SKIP__/__END__. If you want to skip content in your source just
enclose it with


 not yet ready or private notes/comments


 As a shortcut if you just use __END__ (without __SKIP__) (Ruby-like)
it will skip everything from __END__ until the end of the file.

 That's it. I will add a couple of more built-in helpers in the next
days and weeks and you're, of course, more than welcome and encouraged
to create your own helpers. Questions and comments welcome.

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