Forum: JRuby Ruby style for Java class data members

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Chauk-Mean P. (Guest)
on 2009-02-23 12:45

I'm starting to use JRuby for writing SWT GUI applications.

Currently, JRuby translates methods following the 'beans-convention':
 x.getSomething()            # becomes   x.something
 x.setSomething(newValue)    # becomes   x.something = new_value
 x.isSomething()             # becomes   x.something?

This is really great.

Unfortunately, there is no such translation for public data members and
SWT classes make use of such public data members :

layout =
layout.verticalSpacing = 10
# layout.vertical_spacing is not accepted by JRuby

Is there some plan to support Ruby style for Java class data members ?

Thanks in advance.

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