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Jay McGaffigan (Guest)
on 2009-02-17 14:32
(Received via mailing list)

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We are using the JMX gem Charles mentioned here in our code and not
having any problems.<br>(we are in production too).&nbsp; And we use the
JMX stuff to monitor and manage our
applications.<br><br>Jay<br><br><br>Feb 17, 2009 03:03:20 AM, <a
href="mailto:removed_email_address@domain.invalid" class="parsedEmail"
target="_blank">removed_email_address@domain.invalid</a> wrote:<br><blockquote
style="border-left: 3px solid rgb(102, 153, 204);">I hate to ask, but
does it do the same from Java? I know JMX is pretty <br>painful to do
from Java so I won't fault you if you haven't tried.<br><br>You might
try pulling Tom Enebo's JMX gem "gem install jmx" since it <br>works
pretty well...then we could at least rule out whether it's <br>specific
to the library.<br><br>Josh M. wrote:<br>&gt; Hi, I am using edge
jruby edge (rev 9083) and I am trying to set a JMX <br>&gt; attribute.
I can establish the connection and and read the variables no <br>&gt;
problem.  But, when I try to set them I get this exception.  <br>&gt;
<br>&gt; Here is the code that is causing the exception:<br>&gt;
<br>&gt; (Using the jmx4r gem for convience but even when I do not use
jmx4r I <br>&gt; get the same exception see next command).<br>&gt;
<br>&gt;"MaximumConcurrentScans", 2))<br>&gt; <br>&gt;
Also I checked the MBean interface and I it is expecting an
integer.<br>&gt; <br>&gt; Thanks,<br>&gt; <br>&gt; Josh<br>&gt; <br>&gt;
<br>&gt; attribute= MaximumConcurrentScans value = 6<br>&gt;     from
com/sun/jmx/mbeanserver/ <br>&gt;
`setAttribute'<br>&gt;     from
com/sun/jmx/mbeanserver/ <br>&gt;
`setAttribute'<br>&gt;     from
com/sun/jmx/mbeanserver/ `setAttribute'<br>&gt;
from <br>&gt;
<br>&gt; `setAttribute'<br>&gt;     from
`setAttribute'<br>&gt;     from
javax/management/remote/rmi/ <br>&gt;
`doOperation'<br>&gt;     from
javax/management/remote/rmi/ <br>&gt;
`access$100'<br>&gt;     from
javax/management/remote/rmi/ `run'<br>&gt;
from javax/management/remote/rmi/ <br>&gt;
`doPrivilegedOperation'<br>&gt;     from
javax/management/remote/rmi/ <br>&gt;
`setAttribute'<br>&gt;     from
sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor150:-1:in `invoke'<br>&gt;     from
sun/reflect/ `invoke'<br>&gt;
from java/lang/reflect/ `invoke'<br>&gt;     from
sun/rmi/server/ `dispatch'<br>&gt;     from
sun/rmi/transport/ `run'<br>&gt;     from
java/security/ `doPrivileged'<br>&gt; ... 121
levels...<br>&gt;     from org/jruby/ast/
`interpret'<br>&gt;     from org/jruby/ast/
`interpret'<br>&gt;     from <br>&gt;
`call'<br>&gt;     from
`call'<br>&gt;     from
org/jruby/runtime/callsite/ <br>&gt;
`cacheAndCall'<br>&gt;     from
org/jruby/runtime/callsite/ `call'<br>&gt;
from usr/local/share/jruby_edge/bin/jirb:19:in `__file__'<br>&gt;
from usr/local/share/jruby_edge/bin/jirb:-1:in `load'<br>&gt;     from
org/jruby/ `runScript'<br>&gt;     from
org/jruby/ `runNormally'<br>&gt;     from
org/jruby/ `runFromMain'<br>&gt;     from
org/jruby/ `run'<br>&gt;     from
org/jruby/ `run'<br>&gt;     from
org/jruby/util/ `run'<br>&gt;     from
java/lang/ `run'<br>&gt;
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