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Naresh R. (Guest)
on 2009-02-16 08:09
Following is my code wherein I am reading from an XML file

require 'xmlconfigfile'

data ='script_data.xml')

data.no_hash_key_element_path = true
data.expand_attributes = true
senddata =

p senddata

*****************OUTPUT is as follows******************

{"MODIFY_2.uri"=>"tel:removed_email_address@domain.invalid", "MODIFY_1"=>nil,
"MODIFY_3.mname"=>"REGister", "MODIFY_3.header"=>"req_line",
"MODIFY_2"=>nil, "MODIFY_3"=>nil, "MODIFY_1.header"=>"from",
"REMOVE.header"=>"call_id", "MODIFY_2.mname"=>"InVIte",
"MODIFY_1.tag"=>"12345", "MODIFY_2.header"=>"req_line", "REMOVE"=>nil}

*********script_data.xml(XML File) is as follows***************

<TXN value = '1'>
  <SEND request = 'INVITE'>
    <MODIFY_1 header = 'from'  tag='12345'/>
    <MODIFY_2 header = 'req_line' mname = 'InVIte' uri =
'tel:removed_email_address@domain.invalid' />
    <MODIFY_3 header = 'req_line' mname = 'REGister'  />
    <REMOVE header = 'call_id' />

How can I get the hash values such that when I call "MODIFY_2.uri" it
must return "tel:removed_email_address@domain.invalid" and so on..,

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