Forum: Ruby on Rails bundle_fu making my app very slow

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zero0x (Guest)
on 2009-02-12 08:26
(Received via mailing list)

I tried the bundle_fu plugin,

and as of moving to production, I noticed, that my views render in
70ms without bundle_fu, and about 1800ms with it!

It's not always 1800 but most of the time.

Is this ok? Shouldn't I turn some caching in bundle_fu to on?
Mukund (Guest)
on 2009-02-12 13:36
(Received via mailing list)
Use Rails in-built caching instead.  If you want to use bundle_fu to
obfuscate your scripts, then you need to note that it will take a long
time the first time the server is run for doing the caching.
Subsequent requests will be faster.

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