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Chris E. (Guest)
on 2009-02-12 00:06
(Received via mailing list)
Has anybody played around with writing any Jira Listeners in JRuby?
We are using Jira at work, and I wanted to create a custom Listener in
JRuby - since I know that the Jruby devs use Jira, I thought maybe
someone had some sample code I could use to build from.


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László Bácsi (Guest)
on 2009-02-12 11:50
(Received via mailing list)
I played with this recently. I wanted to create a Jabber bot which would
help me track my tasks. I haven't got there yet, but I had a look

There's the jira4r gem that you should have a look at. It uses the SOAP
interface of Jira. I also started a project called Rira which uses the
XmlRpc interface:
It's a very early version and since the xmlrpc interface is very limited
can't do to much. But it has a nice api which feels more ruby like than
other options out there. No documentation yet, sorry, but look at the
it is not so complicated.

r = Rira('').login('xmlrpctester',
filters = r.saved_filters {|issue| issue.key} # => ["TST-17485",
"TST-17037", "TST-16995", ...
issue = r.issue('TST-17201') # => #<Rira::Model:0x376197c
@attributes={"votes"=>"0", ...
issue.description # => "asdfasd asdf asdfa sdfasd " # => "Open" {|c| c.body} # => ["Added UI Mockup: <2009-01-09
"asdfasdf asd f"]

be prepared to wait a long time for some of the commands since the Jira
project has a lot of issues.

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