Forum: Ruby on Rails Can replace_html change the value of an input text?

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Mongeta 9. (Guest)
on 2009-02-11 17:46

I'm updating one <div> area with one partial, using a page of .js.rjs,
and the code:

page.replace_html("div_list", :partial => "list", :object =>

Also, I would like to empty the field value that I use to send the Ajax
request, but I can't make it to work, maybe it's not possible with
page.replace ...

seudo code:

page.replace_html("expedient_reference", :partial => "blank",)

Basically I want to change the value of the id expedient_reference:

Referencia <input id="expedient_reference" name="expedient[reference]"
size="30" type="text" /><input name="commit" type="submit"
value="Añadir" />

is this possible ?


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