Forum: Ruby Gosu 0.7.12 released, with an official website and many contributions

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Julian R. (Guest)
on 2009-02-10 05:53
(Received via mailing list)

Gosu is a free 2D game development library for Ruby and C++, available
via `gem install gosu` on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/FreeBSD. It's
new home is

Version 0.7.12 has just been released and features a significantly
extended audio component. Other recent versions introduced clipping,
the Linux gem and of course many, many bug fixes. The full change log
is maintained at:

Most importantly, the official homepage has moved from GoogleCode to On the official forums, lots of games and
projects as well as add-on libraries have already been posted. Most of
them are open source and written in Ruby. Even generally useful things
like an easy-to-deploy, all-in-one RMagick bundle have been

Thanks to the forum software and GoogleCode's new features, everything
can be followed using convenient RSS feeds from now on as well.

Finally, I can only recommend the gamedev compos over at
again, which provide a competitive arena for experimenting with the
possibilities of Ruby development.

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