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nickmeister (Guest)
on 2009-02-07 14:33
(Received via mailing list)
I am trying to use wice grid plugin and I have run into problem.  The
problem is when I have nested paths as follows:

Hardware :has_many installed_softwares
Software  :has_many installed_softwares

installed_softwares belongs_to both

when I view individual hardware, I have a link "Installed Software" ->

when I use wicegrid to view installed software and I create a link to
show, edit and delete.  nothing displays on the page.  when i look at
page source -- there is on <th></th>

here is the view:

<%= grid(@installed_softwares) do |g|
    g.column :column_name =>'Software:', :attribute_name => 'name',
             :no_filter => true,
             :model_class => Software do |isoftware|

   g.column do |isoftware|
    link_to "Show", hardware_installed_softwares_path
end %>

here is controller view:
class InstalledSoftwaresController < ApplicationController
 def index
#    @hardware = Hardware.find(params[:hardware_id])
#    @softwares = @hardware.find(:hardware_id).installed_softwares
   @installed_softwares = initialize_grid(InstalledSoftware,
                               :include => :software,
                               :conditions => ['hardware_id = ?',params
                               :per_page => 20)

THanks in advance for your help
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