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James B. (Guest)
on 2009-02-05 19:18
I hope that someone here can identify what is going on as I am
completely frustrated at the moment.

I am writing a custom rake task for rcov.  The intent is top produce
three variants of a test, each using slightly different options.  This
is the basic code:


  # Use single quotes here so that regexp argument is not munged.
  R_RCOV_EXCLUDE_DIR    = 'lib\/ruby,lib64\/ruby'

  R_RCOV_OUTPUT_DIR     = 'test_coverage'

  R_RCOV_AGGREG_OPTS    = "--aggregate #{R_RCOV_AGGREG_FILE} " +
                        "--text-summary --no-html "

  R_RCOV_BASIC_OPTS     = [ " --rails ", " --exclude

  R_RCOV_FINAL_OPTS     = " --aggregate #{R_RCOV_AGGREG_FILE} "

  R_RCOV_BROWSER        = 'firefox'

  # make the output directory an array.
  r_rcov_dir  = R_RCOV_OUTPUT_DIR.scan(/\w+/)

  [ 'single', 'aggregate', 'final' ].each do |reptype|

    # Set the rcov options variables according to report type
    r_rcov_opta = nil                 if reptype == 'single'
    r_rcov_opta = R_RCOV_AGGREG_OPTS  if reptype == 'aggregate'
    r_rcov_opta = R_RCOV_FINAL_OPTS   if reptype == 'final'

    # builds task int_testunit_X"int_testunit_#{reptype}") do |t|
      t.test_files    =  FileList['test/**/test*.rb']
      t.libs          << "test"
      t.output_dir    =  r_rcov_dir
      t.rcov_opts     =  R_RCOV_BASIC_OPTS
      t.rcov_opts     << r_rcov_opta
      puts "testunit #{reptype}    opts: #{R_RCOV_BASIC_OPTS} size " +
      puts " "
      puts "testunit #{reptype}    opta: #{r_rcov_opta}"
      puts " "
      puts "testunit #{reptype} options: #{t.rcov_opts}"
      puts " "
      t.verbose       =  true

The problem is this. Somewhere the constant value R_RCOV_BASIC_OPTS is
being changed.  A rake run using puts and displaying
R_RCOV_BASIC_OPTS.size gives this output:

testunit single    opts:  --rails  --exclude lib\/ruby,lib64\/ruby  size

testunit single    opta:

testunit single options:  --rails  --exclude lib\/ruby,lib64\/ruby

testunit aggregate    opts:  --rails  --exclude lib\/ruby,lib64\/ruby
--aggregate --text-summary --no-html --aggregate --text-summary --no-html --aggregate
--text-summary --no-html  size 8

testunit aggregate    opta: --aggregate --text-summary

testunit aggregate options:  --rails  --exclude lib\/ruby,lib64\/ruby
--aggregate --text-summary --no-html --aggregate --text-summary --no-html --aggregate
--text-summary --no-html

testunit final    opts:  --rails  --exclude lib\/ruby,lib64\/ruby
--aggregate --text-summary --no-html --aggregate --text-summary --no-html --aggregate
--text-summary --no-html  --aggregate  --aggregate  --aggregate  size 11

testunit final    opta:  --aggregate

testunit final options:  --rails  --exclude lib\/ruby,lib64\/ruby
--aggregate --text-summary --no-html --aggregate --text-summary --no-html --aggregate
--text-summary --no-html  --aggregate  --aggregate  --aggregate

Checking my rake task lists only these places where R-RCOV_BASIC_OPTS is

  22   R_RCOV_BASIC_OPTS     = [ " --rails ", " --exclude
  57       t.rcov_opts     =  R_RCOV_BASIC_OPTS
  68       t.rcov_opts     =  R_RCOV_BASIC_OPTS
  77       t.rcov_opts     =  R_RCOV_BASIC_OPTS
  79       puts "testunit #{reptype}    opts: #{R_RCOV_BASIC_OPTS} size
" +
  80             "#{R_RCOV_BASIC_OPTS.size}"

How is constant getting its value changed?
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