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Chirag S. (Guest)
on 2009-02-03 14:18

I have windows PC.First, i had install and then
add sphinx as plugin.and set sphinx.yml file in config/sphinx.yml

my sphinx.yml is as below

config file::      config/#{environment}.sphinx.conf
searchd log file:: log/searchd.log
query log file::   log/searchd.query.log
qid file::         log/searchd.#{environment}.pid
searchd files::    db/sphinx/#{environment}/
address:: (all)
port::             3312
allow star::       false
mem limit::        64M
max matches::      1000
morphology::       stem_en
charset type::     utf-8
charset table::    nil

i have put some code for test

sphinx =
@sphinx.SetSortMode(Sphinx::Client::SPH_SORT_ATTR_ASC, 'created_at')
results = @sphinx.Query('test')

First i have checked that 'telnet localhost 3312' from cmd and it is
connected. So  the service is running and accepting connections

Now i have start my application on webric port 3000

But still it gives me results = false

Can any one help me in this????
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